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Statewide Monitoring Services has extensive experience in executing industrial and commercial security projects. From manufacturing companies to large corporations, we can provide end to end integrated commercial security systems to suit your business.

Our commercial security specialists have been involved in various high level complex projects and are highly competent in working with technically challenging sites.

Whether you have a single site or multi site, we have the experience and expertise to create a tailored solution to suit your business needs.

Business Security
Leasing Options

We are one of the few security companies that provide customers with the option of leasing. By replacing high, up front purchase costs, and charging a low, monthly back-to-base monitoring fee, Statewide with its connection to S.E. Rentals  has reduced the price of electronic security dramatically. Each month, your payments are fixed and fully tax deductible in some circumstances. This option is excellent for businesses because of its flexibility to upgrade as your business grows.


Whether you need CCTV cameras or smoke detectors you can be assured your business and employees are being protected. Our job is to make your business is secure by providing a safe working environment. We will go to any length to offer the necessary safety measures. When you enter into a partnership with us you can be sure the safety of your employees and business security will be our number one concern.


Closed Circuit Televison Systems

Our closed circuit television (CCTV) solution watches your home or business when you can’t.  We have high definition digital video and IP surveillance systems available to suit any budget. That said, there is also a wide range of quality and functionality available - all of which must be assessed prior to your investment.


We currently supply and support camera surveillance equipment and digital video recording solutions for sites ranging from major industrial properties such as, large hotel establishments, large dining and leisure facilities, and major retail outlets. We also have security solutions for small businesses with one or two camera retail outlets and private homes.  Our systems are professionally designed to deter criminal activity as well as provide digitally recorded images of incidents at your home or business. 

Security Alarm Systems

Business security doesn’t have to be an afterthought. We have the knowledge and expertise to work with architects, structural engineers or designers before construction takes place, to carefully integrate a highly effective security system. However when that is not possible, we recognise the importance of designing a security system for an existing building in a sensitive, tasteful and functional manner. Whether your property involves single or multiple tenancies, your security system can be installed without disruption to your business


Access Control Systems

Whatever premises you occupy, your basic security provisions must include the ability to control who enters and when. An access control system acts as your own electronic gatekeeper, allowing for the free flow of authorised personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors. And with walk-in thieves and trespassers shut out, you dramatically reduce your exposure to crime while increasing the security of your employees, visitors, information and assets. 


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