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Raising the Standards in Alarm Monitoring

A New Concept

Statewide Monitoring Services was established in June 1997. We are a privately owned and operated central station located in Brisbane. We are not owned by or are a subsidiary of any other security company, group or organisation. The main reason for our establishment was to provide all alarm installers with a central station that has no conflict of interest - We are solely a monitoring station that will not be competing with you for installation or service work. Our monitoring facility has been built to Grade 2 level under Australian Standards, using state of the art monitoring equipment.


Our expertise comes from wide ranging experience within the security industry. We have seen how other central stations work from both inside and out. We have seen what they offer for new and existing clients, and have observed that literally no other central station in Brisbane provides the full range of services that your clients deserve.

Our Livelihood

Because we do not rely on income from installation or service work, you can rest assured that we will treat your clients as our own. They will not take second place to anyone. Your clients are not there to provide extra work or extra income for our staff:

They are our sole reason for being.

Looking Ahead

From day one, we recognised that the only way to ensure growth is to provide a standard of service that exceeds the levels previously expected within our industry. Levels of service that will ensure your clients are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.


Your clients may be satisfied with the level of performance afforded by the system you have installed. They may be happy with the service prior to and during installation, and secure in the knowledge that their premises is being protected. However, a significant proportion of the contact that a client has after the initial installation is via the monitoring facility. The majority of clients will perceive the control room staff they deal with on a day-to-day basis to be representatives of your company.


We have heard from several sources that because you are using someone else’s staff to perform the all-important monitoring procedures, it has been difficult to achieve a level of after-sales service that reflects favourably on your own company. It will surely increase your peace of mind knowing that even after your office closes, there is still someone that values your clients as much as you do, looking after their and your interests. Getting this part of your commitment right will ensure that recommendations and referrals become an important part of your daily business.

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