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Multipath GPRS / IP Monitoring 


Multipath-IP is a state of the art multiple path IP alarm transmission system designed for low cost monitoring through to high security applications. Multipath-IP is a suite of products ranging from a variety of field hardware devices installed on the customers premises to dedicated hardware systems installed within a monitoring station.


Multipath-IP utilises leading edge internet protocol (IP) based technologies, combined with traditional alarm reporting systems to deliver critical alarm events to the monitoring centre via a secure, reliable and lightning-fast system. High security monitoring is achieved using a polled communication system where field hardware modules (STUs) communicate with the monitoring control room at intervals as frequent as every 10 secs. If these polls fail to be delivered within the allocated time Multipath-IP is an agile solution which will attempt to re-establish the connection to the monitoring station using an alternative path and one of several alternative Telco providers.


If a failed connection cannot be reestablished within a pre-determined time then an alarm is raised within the monitoring station. Multipath-IP supports most existing alarm systems and is an ideal upgrade from traditional dial up systems and the perfect replacement for outdated technologies such as direct line or Securitel. Installation of equipment into the customers premises is a simple process with no ongoing programming required.

Multipath-IP is independently certified to Australian standard AS2201.5 class 5 which is the highest IP monitoring standard available.


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