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Home Security

You don’t need us to tell you how important your family is, you need us to help you make sure someone is watching over them - 24/7. We have years of experience behind each and every one of our security systems, all of which can be monitored around the clock. 


In Australia, almost 4 in every 10 people have been victims of burglary and 1 in 10 people have been burgled while they're at home with the chances of recovering your possessions slim. 


Unfortunately, insurance cannot replace personal items that are stolen or destroyed, or restore peace of mind that is often lost through a home security break-in. By installing a fully monitored home security system you can improve your home security and reduce your chances of suffering a break-in by around 15 times. Also, by having home security burglar alarm systems installed you may be eligible for discounts of up to 15% on your home and contents insurance.


Accidents and medical emergencies can also happen in every home. You want to be sure that you can get assistance from the police, paramedics or fire brigade if you or your family ever needs it. Our security systems are designed and installed to the same high standards as our professionally designed commercial systems. Smoke detectors, remote key fobs, burglar alarm systems and extra protection for your garage or granny flat are all options that can be incorporated into your security system. We can tailor the right solution for all of your needs.


Unanswered burglar alarm systems are worthless. That’s why we are committed to responding promptly and professionally to signals from your home security alarm systems and act in accordance with your specific instructions. This 24-hour alarm monitoring though our Monitoring station of your system will allow us to detect burglary, fire, panic, medical emergencies and other threats to help ensure your peace of mind.


That is why so many Australians choose us to protect their property all day, every day. Every Australian family is unique with different security needs, so take some time to consider which Security system is right for you.


Security System Features
  • 24/7 Security Alarm Monitoring including System events

  • Rapid Response

  • Fully Personalised to your Home

  • Emergency Button Feature

  • Specific Zone Activation

  • Potential Insurer discounts off your Home Insurance premium

  • Easy to use

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