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Remote Guard Video Monitoring


The RemoteGUARD solution is a video monitoring product that combines high-resolution network surveillance cameras and Suretek’s RemoteGUARD module integrated into CAMS 7 alarm monitoring software, to provide secure remote video monitoring for virtual patrols and video alarms. 


Your own secure, private network

What makes RemoteGUARD different to other remote video monitoring products is that it has a secure VPN connection end-to-end, which allows your cameras to talk to your monitoring centre and visa versa with the confidence that your data is safe.  This private and secure conncetion is established for every camera connected to your monitoring centre so your data can only be accessed by you.


Use your existing infrastructure, without the need for additional hardware

RemoteGUARD requires no extra infrastructure or DVR’s.  All you need is a SG2 (Security Gateway Receiver), and CAMS 6 software and you can receive video alarms from any Mobotix camera programmed to transmit to your monitoring centre.

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