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Image of a DW-DT3 Plus unit

Security Communications Private Network used to

connect the DW-DT3 Plus units to the central station

SCSI Direct Wireless GPRS / IP Monitoring


Alarm Monitoring Service


The installation of an alarm system is a fundamental investment in protecting property, plant and possessions. But how valuable is the alarm if nobody's around to hear it or worse still the phone lines are sabotaged/cut and your monitoring service providerdoesn't know about it?

DirectWireless delivers high grade wireless alarm monitoring to over 95% of the Australian population and is ideal for high risk sites, as well as a ready option for most new or existing alarm systems that rely on traditional PSTN phone lines for communications. DirectWireless does not have any of the inherent pitfalls that the outdated PSTN network has, such as the very high risk of phone line sabotage prior to Burglary. And don't worry about the rising cost of special dedicated or supervised PSTN landlines for your security system. DirectWireless replaces this outdated expensive approach, and it provides a secure wireless IP alarm transmission system available with a running cost comparable to most PSTN dialler alarm systems. By connecting your alarms to one of the many authorized DirectWireless central monitoring stations, you can turn your investment into a far more effective security system. DirectWireless is designed to meet AS2201.5-1992 Class 2,3 and 4 alarm transmission systems, and interfaces to any standard alarm control panel, the product is perfect for any installation and provides a high level of wireless security.



A Network built specifically for alarm monitoringUnlike traditional dialler based monitoring across regular telephone (PSTN), radio or mobile phone services, DirectWireless does not suffer from network congestion or in any way share the public telephone network. This means that it does not share its network with systems such as traditional telephones, faxes or ADSL/DSL services and therefore can not be tampered with by hackers over PSTN internet type connections. DirectWireless is a totally secure IP wireless network dedicated for alarm monitoring only. There is no public access to the DirectWireless network and best of all, there are no phone lines to cut.

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