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Central Station
Statewide Monitoring Services operate Queensland's most comprehensively equipped central monitoring station.
This specialist facility is used by clients and security firms across Australia and New Zealand to give them access to state of the art technology.
To ensure we meet these high standards expected we are continually upgrading our technology allowing access to better services and equipment being manufactured.

High Security Wireless Monitoring


The vast majority of Security Systems utilise a phone line as their communication path to their Central Control Station.


If this line is sabotaged or not working for any reason, then all communications between the Security Alarm System and the Monitoring Station will be lost.


To combat this situation, we offer multiple wireless solutions.

Coverage is available Australia wide - "Virtually anywhere that you receive mobile phone reception"

Commercial Alarm Monitoring




One of the biggest advantages of back-to-base monitored alarms is that you will have someone keeping watch on your place day and night, every day of the year, meaning there is no chance of any threat to your business property being able to arrive undetected. Whether it is in the middle of the day on a work day or at midnight on New Year’s Eve, with back-to-base security monitoring you will always have our security company keeping an eye out for you and aware the second something starts to happen.

Regular alarms do a good job at making a lot of noise. However, it has become so common to hear them that there is little or no chance an average person is going to investigate. Having a monitored alarm system will mean that not only will someone hear it, but also that they will actually respond


Visual Verification 


Imagine being able to visually identify a potential intrusion without having to attend your premises.

Using either newly installed or existing CCTV cameras, our trained professionals can view video from our monitoring centre to assist in verifying the cause of an alarm, saving you any unnecessary anxiety and costs.

Our operators can view images from multiple cameras following an alarm activation, dramatically increasing the likelihood of identifying the true cause of an alarm.

This becomes particularly important in potentially life threatening situations, where a traditional guard may take too long to respond.

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